Treatment of arterial diseases

Modern pharmacological and non-pharmacological (e.g. diet, walking exercise) treatment of peripheral arterial disease and its risk factors.

Intravenous infusion-therapy with vasoactive drugs (prostaglandins) to improve peripheral perfusion.

Competent wound management for chronic wounds due to vascular disease.

Endovascular interventional treatment of arterial obstructions of the legs and arms, aorta, renal arteries (kidneys), intestinal arteries (gut) and the carotid artery (brain):

  •  PTA (Balloon dilatation) with or without the use of stents
  •  Drug-coated balloons and stents
  •  Catheter-controlled dissolution of blood clots with fibrinolytic drugs
  •  modern catheter techniques for the mechanical removal of blood clots and for the reopening of acute and chronic arterial occlusions

Our state-of -the-art angiographic lab is located in the Klinik Diakoniewerk in Munich.