Vascular diagnostics

Non-invasive evaluation of arterial and venous disorders by high-end color-coded duplex sonography (vascular ultrasound).

Detailed assessment of arterial and venous function by dedicated hemodynamic measurements.

  • cw- and pw-Doppler sonography
  • treadmill testing
  • oscillography (pulse-volume-recording)
  • Venous occlusion plethysmography
  • Photoplethysmography
  • Phlebodynamometry

Evaluation of microcirculation by capillary microscopy

Angiography is the “gold standard” of vascular imaging. Due to our dedicated non-invasive vascular evaluation we can avoid purely diagnostic angiographies in most instances. If needed we perform state-of-the-art angiographies in our near-by clinic. Our modern angiography lab offers a wide range of angiographic techniques including CO2-angiography for patients with impaired renal function or intolerance to iodinated contrast material.